Saturday, June 30, 2012


First full day in Paris this year.  Did I visit La tour d'eiffel?  No.  Did I visit La Louvre?  Not that one either.  How about l'arc de triomphe you ask?  Tour de Montparnasse?  Sacre Coeur?  Nope, nope and definitely not.  So, what did I do on my first morning in Paris?  I went shopping!  This anti-shopper who was just accused last week of always being bored shopping actually wanted to go shopping.  Granted, it was just to the grocery store...  But, this is Paris, and even grocery stores aren't just grocery stores.

It is very possible I may have danced around the store squealing “This is SOOOOO cute!!!!”  It’s very possible that I may have slid to a dead stop in front of the asparagus and started playing with the glass jars.  It’s not my fault!  They are just so freakin’ adorable!  It may be possible that I ran around exploring every square inch of the best decorated grocery store I’ve ever been in.  Of course, it’s also possible that its just a boring grocery store and this crazy american has a little bit of Parisian blindness.  But, I doubt it, it was WAYYYYYY too cute!!!!!!

I never understood people who squeal over babies or dresses or shoes.  Instead, Jen over at makes me squeal with glee at her geeky finds and builds.  Well, now I learned something new about myself.  I'm an asparagus squealer.  hmm.  Not sure how to add that one to the resume...

Ok, so you stick a euro in the slot to release the cart and then when you put the cart away, you get your coin back.  Methinks, a lot of store employees would be out of a job in the US if we had this.  Yikes, I think every Walmart would lose at least a dozen jobs.  The unemployment rates would increase a full percentage point!  (Shhh, I won't take this back across the pond if you don't)

Aren't they so preeee-ty?  Green juice that actually is good?  It's kiwi-apple.  Never thought green could actually be appetizing.  Wheat-grass is the west coast green drink of choice.  I think I'll stick with the kiwi, thank you very much.

Yes, this boulangerie is actually inside the store!  Instead of sticking a bread section in the back, they make it all cute and adorable like we are actually outside.  Notice the awesome iron railings in front of the "windows".  How cute is that???

In fact, look at that entire wall - all adorable cute "stores"

They continue down the sides of the store as well.

Ok, Seriously, does anyone actually buy fish this large or do they just waste money on decor?  Because this thing is real and VERY fresh. (my nose is still traumatized.)

The only downside to all the adorableness:  the euros we had to pay on our way out.

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