Friday, July 13, 2012

2nd time's the charm?

I've ALWAYS wanted to get married in France.  I learned the whole process while I lived here back in '99 and knew the bureaucracy would be difficult.  But the fact that I'm living my dream means that all the little hassles are actually quite enjoyable for me.

I even quit my job because I knew I'd need to be here here much longer than the 4 weeks I'd been approved for.  So, the fact that we had to return to la mairie (city hall) a second time didn't surprise me.
But, I was stressed.  Because I fully expected to have to return a third time and the boyfriends' boss isn't happy about him taking yet another afternoon off to go to la mairie so we NEEDED them to accept our dossier today (Thursday).

Our appointment wasn't until 15h30, but when he takes the afternoon off, he leaves at lunchtime - noon.  So, we had some extra time.  We got there an hour early and since I'd been craving a doner kebab, we enjoyed lunch at the greek cafe across the street.

       Sandwich Kebab.   In France, one eats with utensils.  No matter What!                    

I told him that I was nervous because they would probably want more documentation.  He said he'd get angry at them if they didn't accept it because we'd done everything they'd asked.  Then, we'd move to the United States since it has less bureaucracy.  LOL!  With the tension lightened, we headed across the street to await our appointment.

As I expected, they wanted another few pieces of documentation.  But, happily, she accepted our dossier!!!!!!  One item I agreed to bring next week, but she said we didn't need to wait for it to submit our dossier.  The others, we can bring with us to the hearing.

The sad part is we still don't have a date for the wedding.  Nor the hearing!  We'll get a letter in the mail (she didn't know when) giving us the date for the hearing (she didn't know when that would be either). At the hearing, they'll give us the date for the wedding.  She had no clue the average length of time after the hearing that the wedding might occur.  All she knew is that the hearing wouldn't be before september.

They had told us that the wedding could occur 30 days after they accepted our dossier.  Now they are saying it could be months.  Good thing I quit my job (as much as I absolutely loved it).  It's cheaper to stay here unemployed then it would be to return again and again for this process.

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