Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So, today is the appointment at the city hall.  The boyfriend has to take an afternoon off work in order to go.  It's difficult to get appointments and we are on a time crunch here, so he's really hoping they accept all of our paperwork.  Just like yesterday, I expect nothing.  Although everyone was VERY helpful yesterday and I got everything I needed, that doesn't change my expectations for the government.

First things first.  I go to pick up my translated documents and then meet the boyfriend and his cousin at the metro.  The two witnesses also have to go with us today.  Once I realized that, I start to get nervous.  This is the government.  There is no way they accept everything on our first visit and yet, three people had to take off work to go.  Yikes.  I hope they accept all my paperwork, I don't want to be the cause of inconveniencing everyone.

A billion years later, we arrive at the city hall.  After only a few minutes, we meet with the worker who will process our dossier.  She pauses for a minute at my document from the lawyer saying that the certificate du celibat must come from the embassy.  But, after re-reading her requirements, she accepts it.  (And, much prayer, Thank you God!)  She pauses again with my proof of address.  Then she accepts my statement and my license.  Although she changes her mind later.  So, I pass everything except she wants one more proof of address, but that can come by email.  The fact that it can come by email tells me either they don't really need it, they just want me to jump through hoops OR that they really do need it, but they are moving into the customer service and internet age and are trying to make it easier for me.

Moving on to his documents, she accepts everything, except yet again, is hung up on proof of address.  He had three different items, but it wasn't good enough because they weren't from this month.  The problem is, we are only on the 2nd business day of this month.  There is no way for them to be from this month.  He brought the most recent statements which were from June.  But, nope.  This is true bureaucracy at its finest!

Of course, ALL I care about is the fact that its not just my fault.  I'm not to blame for having to come back again.  They want more documents from both of us.  I feel so guilty about feeling relieved that he needs more paperwork too.

It's quite inconveniencing, but at least its what we all expected.  I've already done my part, and now he just has to gather his and then we will reschedule.  Of course, we'll have to redo everything if our appointment isn't in the next two weeks.

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