Wednesday, July 4, 2012


From Sunday, but am posting it late.

I got my monthly pass!!!!  I really am a short-term resident now!

Instead of using a ticket to access the metro, I can just wave my navigo card.  Super cool!
For my first use, we take the RER D from gare du nord to head to church.  Upon exiting the metro I notice an adorable boulangerie with my tarte au fraise in the window.  As we haven't eaten yet today and its already 15h, I'm thinking of grabbing one.  But, then the boyfriend asks if I want to eat at the cute chinese restaurant two doors down.  Yes, please!

"The usual", he says to the owner.  What??  I'm thinking, he brought me to his "regular" restaurant.  How cool is this???

I ask if I can have a sample, but no, in France we don't do samples.  So, I ask if the beef he chose is spicy.  They both say "only a little".  So, I decide to try it as well.  Delicious!

And, of course the meal comes with a drink.  The best thing about France...  I can have ice tea pêche!  It's lipton, but for some reason, we just can't get this amazing peach ice tea in the states.

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