Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Our very first hour together last year was spent at my favorite chain cafe: La Brioche Doree near l'arc de triomphe. So, I was quite pleased when Saturday afternoon found us eating lunch at another Brioche Doree, only this time at the base of Le tour Montparnasse. We both enjoyed sandwiches américaine. Baguettes with ham, egg, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Of course that came with an ice tea pêche. We shared a tart au fraise and tea au fruits rouge.

Then we headed to the ticket line to go up to the 56th floor of Montparnasse. The awesome thing about this skyscraper is tourists haven't discovered it. The line is always short to non-existent and gives the best view of Paris because the tour d'eiffel is in the scene. Most tourists spend hours in line at la tour d'eiffel and then take beautiful pictures, but since the tour d'eiffel isn't in the shots, they aren't amazing.

So, just an elevator ride later, we are 57 stories above Paris! The boyfriend is impressed as he'd never been here before. Told me several time how pleased he was that I brought him here.

We walked around the floor looking out all the windows. We enjoyed the views of la tour d'eiffel, Notre Dame, l'arc de triomphe, and many other sights.

The carpet

Then, for the surprise. I took him to the stairs and we walk up an additional two floors to the roof. He was amazed. 360 degree view of Paris is how they advertise the roof. The rain stopped as we walked up the stairs and the glass viewing walls were still dripping when we got there.

We walked around under the glass overhang for a few minutes taking it all in. Then a rainbow appeared!

I pointed out a few things but we kept going back to the side closest to la tour d'eiffel.

We had a lady take our picture.  Then I took his picture and through the camera, I saw him pull out a small pink box...

He asked me to be his wife and I said "OUI!!!!"
His eyes got moist and he shed one tear.

We then danced around the rooftop making a spectacle of ourselves.

He bought us the souvenir picture and we departed La tour de Montparnasse as fiancés!  This relationship had better last because this can never be topped.  No other guy can ever propose to me!  The boyfriend - nope, he gets a new moniker now...  The fiancé gave me the perfect day and proposed to me at my favorite spot in the entire world!

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