Friday, July 6, 2012

Indoor plumbing

I miss my #firstworldproblems

Twice last weekend I put soap on my hands expecting water to come out of the faucet only to belatedly learn indoor plumbing does not always equal running water...   I'm staying in an apartment with an older haitian couple.  Advantages:  yummy food fed to me regularly.  Disadvantages:  Apparently to save money due to leaks, they turn the water off at night.

So, yesterday I followed all plumbing and memorized where everything was.  Last night when the water didn't work, I discovered one difference:

During the day when the water worked.

At night, when the water didn't work.
Yeah, I now have the keys to the kingdom!

My next challenge:  The kitchen.  I found the same switch works for the kitchen sink.  While washing my dishes, I looked for the sponge and found the tea kettle was sitting on them.  "of course, that makes sense" I thought, then when I moved it, I discovered a washing machine!!!!!  (under that green bowl)  So happy!!!  No Laundromat for me!  BTW, it may look tiny (and it is), but open it up and it holds nearly a full load. 

The kitchen.  The ENTIRE kitchen.  Yes, the lady of the house and I have gotten VERY close when trading places.  (only one can fit in there at a time)

So, madame was gone and I thought that'd be a perfect time to wash a load of clothes.  Big mistake.  How the heck does this thing work?  I added my clothes.  Added the soap to the appropriate spot on the lid.  Set the settings and pushed start.  A number popped on the screen for a minute and then changed to d07.
What the heck does that mean?  I asked the monsieur, but he didn't know.  I youtubed it, but no help there.  (During a previous trip, youtube did help me figure out the machinery)

Decided to give it a few minutes, but nope, still didn't work.  Then, on one of our attempts, le monsieur closed the lid.  He closed it much harder than I had and this time it started!

The one item that still has me stumped.

Speaking of #firstworldproblems...  Girls may complain about having to put the toilet seat down.  Oh, do I wish I had that problem:  Where is the toilet seat?  It's right there next to the toilet, of course.  Where else would it be?

Notice the back of the toilet where the lid should attach, well, its broken.  This is not a weird thing here.  Nearly everywhere I've stayed has a broken toilet lid.  So, those who want to use the toilet lid, have to pick it up and do the ballet dance that is required to balance on the seat so it won't fall off.

In fact the dorms where I visited friends didn't even have toilet seats.

Voila: my shower.
Full bathtub, no curtain, no shower door.  

I love Paris!  Seriously, if I'm going to have plumbing adventures, I'd want it to be here.


  1. Ok, I need more explanations, lol. What is the reason for the toilet lid to be next to instead of on the toilet? Also, do you share a bathroom with other apartments (assuming you're in an apartment...)

    Love your posts! Very interesting!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying them. :)
    I only share the bathroom with those who live in this apartment. See updates above.