Sunday, July 8, 2012

the Mama arrives

Kiss, kiss, one per check to say hello.
"How was your trip from French Guyana?"  I ask his mom.
"Wonderful", she replies.
"Oh, what a beautiful dress you are wearing.  I love the yellow, it's so sunny."
"You love the dress?  Well, I have another one just like it that you can have!"
"No, no, no, no, no!  I don't want to take your clothes!"
"Yes, you must.  It's the perfect dress to wear around the house!  You'll be nice and cool in it."

She digs into her suitcase and pulls out a blue dress just like her yellow one and tells me to change into it.  I like my pants, I want to keep my pants on.  I do not want to sit on the leather couches in a short dress.  But, alas, I must do as the mama says.  Note to self:  Do NOT compliment an item worn by a haitian woman!

The boyfriend thinks I look awesome so its worth it.  And, its fun to match the mama.

The Mama goes to her suitcase again and pulls out a present which she hands to the boyfriend.  It's a gift from his little brother.  But then, the Mama says "Let her open the present for he's her little brother now too."
A beautiful wood clock in the shape of French Guyana, our first gift.

"He has a good heart.  He really respects me, his mama.  He's a good man.  I have 7 kids, four sons and I'm very blessed, but he is the best of them all."  She says repeatedly to me throughout the afternoon.

I have to agree with her as any man who can carry a pink bag is a keeper for sure.

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