Monday, July 9, 2012

mini visit

The challenges of being a night person is that if I get to working and don't stop until 6am, I quite likely will sleep until noon.  When one is in Paris and wakes up at noon, by the time they are ready to hit the town, it just might be 4pm.  If one has a date at 6:30pm, probably, one doesn't have time to ride the bus then the metro to actually go anywhere and back again.  But alas, who the heck cares, this is Paris!

So I decide to exit the metro at a random stop - near the Louvre.  I've got 20minutes max.  I'm thinking I'll just walk over to the tuleries and catch a glimpse of the tour d'eiffel before catching the metro to meet my man.

Instead, I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that only one step from the metro is my own personal entertainment.

This guy is a serious dance artist.  I felt like I was watching a ballet on roller blades.

I may only have had 20 minutes, but the show made the 2 hour round trip SO SO worth it.  Hopefully, I'll hit the town much earlier tomorrow, but its good to know that even a short visit can be so rewarding.

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