Friday, July 6, 2012


After rushing around non-stop for the past couple weeks, I needed a break. Normally I save my breaks for after Paris. I don't want to waste a minute here. Two years ago when I had an allergic reaction to the pink toilet paper and took benedryl which completely knocked me out, I still didn't stop. I could barely move much less walk, so we took a bus and just rode around Paris. There was no way I was wasting a Paris day recuperating. Last December when I had a high fever for days, I said screw it and I still walked around, went to a boulangerie multiple times, and enjoyed the Market de Noël at the tour d'eiffel.

So, I need time to rest after a crazy hectic couple of weeks and for the first time in Paris, I actually stopped. So awesome that'd I'm "living" here long enough to make this possible!!!!

I stayed home all day yesterday and this morning!  It was quite glorious.  I wanted to go to Paris, but my body says it needs rest.  Then it rained quite a bit so they were good days to stay home.  Then when I did go out, I forgot my umbrella...

Of course, then my injured ribs went out of place and I barely made it back home tonight so it looks like I'm stuck here tomorrow and I'm NOT happy about that. I've got loads of things I want to do in Paris tomorrow!

In beautiful african dress with a sleeping baby.

je t'aime SNCF!  (the train company)

This adorably cute little car is an... ambulance!  Ok, obviously more like a medical transport as there is only a driver, but it says ambulance.  All vehicles here are mini-sized.  You have to be to get around here.

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