Monday, August 20, 2012

Heat Wave

Saturday morning I wake up hot.  I roll up the blinds and open the window and then just sit on the bed trying to cool down.  I thought about taking a cool shower but I was too hot and exhausted to move.  All my muscles hurt like a fever.  I drank some water but my stomach didn't like it.  Lean my head out the window and I could tell it was even hotter out there.

No AC, no fan and 100 degree weather.  Thankfully I have two handheld fans I got last year.  The smaller one that my sister gave me lives in my purse and is my lifesaver on the hot and humid trains and buses.  The larger one sits on my desk but I haven't used it much.  Until now that is.  My hands are so tired now, but the handheld fan is MUCH better than nothing!

I felt like my body wasn't able to self-regulate its temperature.  I felt like I was over-heated and possibly heat-affected and yet I hadn't even left the house!  So I realized I had to take the shower even if my muscles all hurt.  Unfortunately, because my muscles were inflamed or whatever, I did hurt my back.  But, the cold water was nice.  Sadly, it didn't last.  I was hurt and exhausted from the shower so I sit in my chair and my temperature started increasing again.  I quickly felt out of it and hot.

However, once the sun went down, the temperature started dropping dramatically.  I was still pretty out of it for a few hours but finally closed the blinds most of the way but not all the way so some breeze could come in and I laid down.

Big mistake.

I immediately over-heated.  Thankfully I thought of putting my feet in a small tub of cold water and sitting in front of the window.  It worked.  With the breeze and the cold water, my temperature finally regulated and I was able to sleep.  I closed the blinds about half-way and went to bed.

I woke up Sunday severely over-heated, but thankfully realized it and knew what to do.  I immediately returned to the seat at the window and put my feet in a tub of cold water again.  The breeze felt wonderful and it took less than an hour to return to normal temperature.

I knew that it would be dangerous to overheat while away from cold water and its normal to overheat on the train so I stayed home from Church.  Public transport just isn't an option when its 100 degrees out!  The day actually passed quite well.  Only because I kept changing out for more cold water and kept my feet in it all day long.  I took a couple cold showers which honestly were not fun now that my lower back is hurt but it worked.  I made it through the entire day without becoming heat-affected.

I also learned my lesson from the previous night.  I didn't close the blinds at all and left the window completely open.  Yup, it means the high rise just across the street could see in, but it was too hot to sleep otherwise.

At 7:30am I woke up hot, stuck my feet in cold water for a bit and then went back to sleep knowing that today wouldn't be so hot so I could relax.

I want to go out and explore, but I also know that my body needs to recuperate.  Five years in the desert with constant AC means my body is not used to extreme temperatures anymore.  Might as well get used to it now since I won't be having AC in my new state either.  But, I will have fans.  LOTS of fans!  I didn't have the fiancé buy a fan for me since the heat wave only lasted two days.  I felt like it'd be a waste of money.  But, if the temperature creeps up near 100 again, even for one day, I am GOING to get a fan.  Apparently I need one.

And I must say, I have NEVER been as happy to see rain as I was today!

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