Monday, August 20, 2012

Needs Met

The fiancé tells me he only has two problems with me.

1) I worry he is looking for a slave not a wife.

2) He understands the difference between a Christian and a church-ian that I taught him. But, I don't respect church enough.

He then goes on to list all the reasons church is important. I agree with him. He then goes on the mention examples that prove he isn't a church-ian and his church doesn't put itself before God. Again, I agree.

We have had this conversation several times and I'm not yet sure what direction I will take it in, but I step out for a minute to get dinner. When I return he has a book in his hands. "The Best Path" By Ellen White. He says she is the founder of the Adventists and the book has yet to mention Jesus.

"This is a church-ian. This is what you were talking about! Now I get what you mean."

I agree and smile. I didn't have to say anything but he finally gets it. SO freakin' thankful!

I know his first issue with me is my own issue and I'm working to resolve those fears by discussing things like that with him and learning how he treats me.

But, his second issue with me... This was his problem, not mine. I didn't know how to explain that God comes first, then family, then church.

But, he didn't need to know any of that, because he already has those priorities straight. He just needed an example of a church-ian and God gave it to him!

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