Thursday, August 9, 2012


I miss screens.  Oh, how do I miss screens!

The advantage of having to walk up to the 4th floor every day is that the house should be bug-free.  Right?

I'll take some stairs if it means no ants, no termites, no wasp nests, etc.

But, without screens...

Apparently bugs with wings can fly this high.  Who knew!

Sure, open the window, roll up the blinds* and then I can lean out and look around which is pretty freakin' awesome.  Can't do that with screens.

But, right now, I'm not thinking that's worth it.

So, I'm calmly hanging out in the bathroom brushing my teeth enjoying the cool night air from the window that is nearly always left open.  When all of a sudden I hear a buzzing.  No, not just any buzzing either!  It's a wasp flying around the light.

Thankfully the door wasn't all the way closed so I pushed it open more and snuck out.  I hit the lights just as I walked into the toilet room.  I was stuck in the dark as I left the light off in there too as I wanted the wasp to go back outside.

I was freaking out.  "I don't want to get stung, it hurts!  I don't have anything for it, oh wait, yes I do.  I have Hexol** and tweezers."  So, I relaxed and tried to sneak out of the toilet room, but its too small so I had to stand up.  I turned on the light above the sink in the bathroom in the hopes of drawing the wasp to it if it was still there.  I took a few tentative steps into the bathroom but didn't hear anything so thought it might be ok.

On my third step, all of a sudden I heard it... ON THE GROUND!  CRAP, one more step and I would have STEPPED ON IT!!!  I backed out, pulled the door shut then switched the light off.

But, now what am I going to do?  A teeny tiny bug has me trapped in my room because he's trapped in the bathroom.  The window isn't fully open.  Will he find his way out?  Why was he flopping on the ground?  Did he fly into the window after I turned the light out and hurt himself?  If he did, how do I help him?  If he didn't, how long will it take him to find the window?

Should I give up and just go to bed?  What if the lady I live with goes in there and gets stung in the morning?  I would feel awful!  On the other hand, what can I do about it if he doesn't leave?

* Not sure these brilliant inventions can really be called blinds.  They roll up and down and when all the way down, there are minor gaps which allow light in or you can close them up and it feels like midnight even at noon.  My dream is to get them in the USA.  They are installed on the outside so it functions as effective security too.  My host family had them on the glass door to the backyard too.

Update: I braved the wilds and found no sign of any intruders! Oh why oh why couldn't this have happened during the day when the fiancé could have removed the wasp. I finally have a guy and I would think should fall under his jurisdiction, don't you?ère-aussonne-aucamville-fonbeauzard-launaguet

** Hexol is just the most amazing product ever.  Back before pine-sol, my mom used it to mop the floors.  She also discovered its the perfect mosquito bite treatment.  I never travel without it.


  1. Oh have I got a story for you! You don't like wasps, I don't like spiders. And did you know that "spider spray" (insecticide) is on Maslows Hierarchy? Uh-huh, right up there towards the top of the triangle, lol! Loved your wasp story!

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  3. Haha, you still get freaked out by the poor li'l wasp:) At least you were able to have some sympathy for him, even when you were freaked out:P BTW, those blinds look neat!